The Java Virtual Wind Tunnel

Version 1.0B1

Controls and How to Use Them

As you can see above, the Virtual Wind Tunnel consists of a display window surrounded by different buttons and sliders. These buttons can be used to change the simulation and/or change the information displayed in the window. The best way to learn the controls is to play with them, but here are some hints to help you figure them out. All the control described here may not appear in your window depending on the size selected for the applet's width and height (i.e. controls will be sacrified in order to make everything fit on the screen).

Basic Controls

A brief note here about the use of sliders: a slider's value can be changed either by clicking on the scroll bar or by typing a value in the slider's display window.
Now that you know how to use the simulation, you can
June 8, 1996
David Y. Oh / Computational Aerospace Sciences Laboratory, MIT /