FX -- Fluid feature eXtraction tool-kit

In the past, feature extraction and identification were interesting concepts, but not required to understand the underlying physics of fluid flow simulations. This is because the results of the more traditional tools were interactive and easily abstracted so they could be represented to the investigator. These visualization tools worked and properly conveyed the collected information at the expense of much interaction. For unsteady flow-fields, the investigator does not have the luxury of spending time scanning only one ``snap-shot'' of the simulation. Automated assistance is required in pointing out areas of potential interest contained within the flow.

Fluid flow features such as vortices, separation, boundary layers and shocks are items of interest that can be found in the results obtained from CFD simulations. The visualization system's suite of general-purpose tools (e.g., streamlines, iso-surfaces, cutting planes, and etc.) produce imagery which requires inference in order to analyze CFD data-sets.

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Author: Bob Haimes, haimes@orville.mit.edu